Ethernet Data logger/gateway/controller for M-Bus and Modbus

Datalogger / Gateway product line

Data loggers with Ethernet interface provide a powerful solution for data recording and monitoring in a variety of applications. These data loggers offer a variety of interfaces, including RS232, RS485, M-Bus, sensor interfaces and analog/digital inputs and outputs, providing flexibility in collecting data from a variety of sources.

The Ethernet connectivity allows data loggers to seamlessly integrate into networks, enabling real-time data monitoring and remote access. This is invaluable in situations where rapid responses to data changes are critical. The Ethernet interface also facilitates data transmission to cloud services and central servers, enabling advanced analysis and trend detection.

The additional interfaces, such as RS232, RS485 and M-Bus, enable compatibility with various industrial devices such as sensors, actuators and other measuring instruments. This allows data loggers to collect data from a variety of sources, which is essential for complex monitoring applications.

The presence of analog and digital inputs and outputs provides further versatility. Analog inputs can record signals such as temperature, pressure and voltage, while digital inputs can record events such as switch states. Similarly, analog and digital outputs can be used to drive remote actions, enabling data loggers to not only collect data, but also perform invasive tasks.

In terms of protocols, these data loggers support Modbus and MQTT, two common communication protocols. Modbus allows bi-directional communication with industrial devices, while MQTT allows small amounts of messaging between different devices in an IoT system.

In short, data loggers with Ethernet interface provide an advanced and versatile solution for data recording and monitoring. With a variety of interfaces, including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, M-Bus, sensors and analog/digital I/O, and support for protocols such as Modbus and MQTT, these data loggers are ideal for applications where accurate and real-time data collection and analysis is essential .