Analog and/or digital I/O to fiber optic converters

Analog and/or digital I/O to fiber optic converters provide a versatile solution for transmitting signals bidirectionally through various fiber optic mediums, including Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), Hard Clad Silica (HCS), single-mode (SM), or multimode (MM). These converters support both analog signals (0–10 V or 0–20 mA) and digital signals, allowing for reliable control and connection of devices such as drives or lighting systems while providing real-time status responses.

With a diverse range of over 60 versions, these converters offer flexibility in terms of signal type, fiber compatibility, and connector options. This extensive variety ensures compatibility with a wide array of industrial applications, accommodating specific needs and preferences.

The modules excel in point-to-point structures, enabling transmission paths of up to 100 km when utilizing single-mode fiber optics. This capability makes them suitable for applications requiring long-distance signal transmission, enhancing the adaptability of these converters across various industrial settings.

Furthermore, the converters support different transmission configurations. Contact closure signals and responses can be transmitted using two fibers, providing a traditional approach. Alternatively, with the integration of BiDi (Bidirectional) technology, these signals can be efficiently transmitted bidirectionally via a single fiber. BiDi technology streamlines the wiring and enhances efficiency by utilizing a single fiber for both transmitting and receiving data, offering a more streamlined and resource-efficient solution for signal communication in industrial environments. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse systems, making these converters a reliable and efficient choice for industrial automation and control applications.