The 12X digital I/O to fiber optic converter, IOL3200, play a pivotal role in transmitting digital signals through the fiber optic system. This versatile system utilizes various transmission mediums such as Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), Hard Clad Silica (HCS), singlemode (SM), or multimode (MM) fiber optics to transmit signals, including contact closures and control signals.

Employing addressed subscribers, the IOL3200 enables the transmission of up to 12 digital signals (12–24 VDC) within a point-to-point structure. This capability enhances the efficiency of data communication by allowing targeted signal delivery.

The input/pass system's interconnection facilitates the transmission of additional digital data, offering flexibility in managing electric and optical data. Users can opt for electric disjunction (OR) of received data or prioritize electric data over optical data based on their requirements. The devices are adaptable to both line and ring structures, providing solutions for diverse network configurations.

The IOL3200 incorporates LEDs and potential-free contacts within a fault detector relay, enabling the timely detection and signaling of defective states. This feature enhances the reliability of the system by facilitating prompt identification and response to potential issues. Overall, the IOL3200 is a versatile and reliable solution for digital signal transmission in various applications.