0340001301 + 034002301

1x S0 impuls naar POF/HCS fiber optic omvormer, IOL3400

De IOL3400 modules worden gebruikt voor de uni directionele transmissie van een S0-impulsuitgang van energiemeters via POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) or HCS (Hard Clad Silica) fiber optics.

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0340001301 + 034002301 + IOL-3400/TRX-1S0-13-POF-ST + Vraag offerte aan
IOL3400, transmitter + receiver, 1x S0 IN, 1x digitaal relais OUT, ST, via POF fiber optic
0340001311 + 034002311 + IOL-3400/TRX-1S0-13-HCS-ST + Vraag offerte aan
IOL3400, transmitter + receiver, 1x S0 IN, 1x digitaal relais OUT, ST, via HCS fiber optic


With the fiber optic system IOL3400 the signals of one S0 pulse output can be extended by fiber optic cable (FOC). The system consists of a transmitting device IOL3400-TX and a receiving device IOL3400-RX that are connected via a simplex or duplex optical fiber connector. For transmission of the pulses only a simplex FOC is required. In this case interruptions of the light signal will be displayed only on the IOL3400-RX and signaled via its fault relay contact. By using a duplex fiber optic cable also the IOL3400-TX can show a problem of the fiber optic connection and signal it via its fault relay contact.


Fiber type:
POF 980/1000µm / HCS 200/230µm
Optical budget:
12 dB
FO range:
POF 50m (180 dB/km) / HCS 200m (8 dB/km)
POF 650nm / HCS 850nm
Signal input:
acc. to EN62053-31, Class A or Class B depending on IOL-3400 Power supply
Signal output:
acc. to EN62053-31
Cable length:
Failure relay:
24 VDC (1A) / 60 VDC (0,3 A)
LED indication:
Power supply (green) / Data (yellow) / Status (red)
Power supply:
12–30 VDC
Power consumption:
2,5 Watts, 100 mA (24 V)
Operating temperature:
–40 °C – +70 °C (Multimode and Singlemode with ST or SC) / –20 °C – +55 °C (all others)
EN61000-6-2 / EN55022 Class B + A1 + A2
150 g
22,5 x 93 x 82 mm
Polyamid, black

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