MODBUS-Plus naar POF of HCS omvormer, DL485-MBP

De DL485-MPB is een MODBUS-Plus naar POF (Plastic Optical Fibre) of HCS (Hard Clad Silica) glasvezel omvormer voor een point-to-point verbinding.

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010006401 + DL-485-MBP/13-POF-ST MBP/POF/PzP + Vraag offerte aan
DL-485-ST, MODBUS-Plus converter for point-to-point connection via POF fiber optic.
010006411 + DL-485-MBP/13-HCS-ST MBP/HCS/PzP + Vraag offerte aan
DL-485-ST, MODBUS-Plus converter for point-to-point connection via HCS fiber optic.


The fiber optic systems DL485-MBP connect a Modbus-Plus interface to optical field bus networks. With the help of this innovative system optical bus, star, tree and mixed structures are possible.

LEDs and potential-free contacts (optional for DL485-MBP) of a fault detector relay are able to signal defective states.


Fiber type:
POF 980/1000µm / HCS 200/230µm
Optical budget:
12 dB
FO range:
POF 50m (180 dB/km) / HCS 200m (180 dB/km)
POF 650nm / HCS 850nm
Data rate:
1 MBit/s
Transmission type:
Half duplex
Signal delay:
  • MODBUS Plus Interface <> LWL: < 400 ns / Tx <> Rx: 500 ns
  • MBPR: MODBUS Plus Interface <> LWL : < 1 µs
Terminating resistor:
Acc. to MODBUS Plus specification there are no terminating resistors
RS485 cable length:
RS485 connector:
9-pole Sub-D female and 6-pole terminal
Status LEDs:
Power supply (green) / Failure (red) / Data receive (green) / Status (red)
Power supply:
5 Watt, 200 mA (24 V)
Galvanic isolation:
500 VDC (24 VDC <> RS485)
Operating temperature:
-40°C to +70°C (Multimode and Singlemode with ST or SC) / -20°C to +55°C (all others)
EN61000-6-2/EN55022 Class B + A1 + A2
570 g
60 x 100 x 113 mm (60 x 120 x 113 mm incl. connector)
Stainless steel, powder coated

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