Glasvezel splitterbox en Patch panel FIMP-XL-Hybrid 62MM

Industriële splitterbox en patch panel in één behuizing voor DIN-rail montage.

FIMP-XL-Hybrid combineert twee verschillende werelden: glasvezel- en koperkabels. Het biedt een hoge mate aan flexibiliteit voor toepassingen waar glasvezel en koper netwerkkabels samen komen..De FIMP-XL-Hybrid splitterbox is standaard voorzien van 6 duplex of 3 quattro adapters. Je kunt een selectie maken uit SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, E2000 en E2000-COMPACT adapters. De splitterbox kan worden geleverd met of zonder 62,5/125µm multi mode pigtails. Er kunnen ook varianten met minder aantal adapters worden geleverd.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
06200001622169-00 + FIMP-XL-Hybrid 6x ST-Duplex 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XL-Hybrid splitterbox en patch panel met 6x ST-Duplex adapter en 12x 62,5/125µ multi mode pigtails.
06200001622369-00 + FIMP-XL-Hybrid 6x SC-Duplex 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XL-Hybrid splitterbox en patch panel met 6x SC-Duplex adapter en 12x 62,5/125µ multi mode pigtails.
06200001622439-00 + FIMP-XL-Hybrid 3x LC-Quattro 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XL-Hybrid splitterbox en patch panel met 3x SC-Quattro adapter en 12x 62,5/125µ multi mode pigtails.


The FIMP-XL-Hybrid is ready for splicing and it already contains splice tray, couplings, pigtails and cable gland. Regarding different couplings, you can choose from SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, E-2000 and E-2000 COMPACT. The front panel and the splice cassette can be removed for splicing and since the cassette is magnetizable, it can easily be fixed onto a splice unit. The cassette has got a hole for splice units with a bolt. 

The powder coated stainless steel housing is also magnetizable so that the splice box can easily be affixed to another housing or to a switch cabinet in case of no different tray. Furthermore, FIMP-XL-Hybrid has got a clip for DIN rail mounting (35mm) and a kit for wall fastening. Thus, there are space-saving and flexible solutions for mounting our FIMP-XL-Hybrid. 

Additionally fiber optic cables with MPO can be adapted by using FIMPO. And the optional cap protects your fiber and connectors.

The systems are built up modular. Customizing is possible by different assemblies, colors of the housing or logos.


Industrial splice box:
DIN-rail housing, up to 12 fibers and 6 or 3 adapters
6x RJ45, CAT.6a
Adapter type:
SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, E2000 or E2000-COMPACT
Pigtails fiber type:
Multi mode fiber pigtails 62,5µ
Number of pigtails:
12x (no pigtails on request)
Splice cassette:
Splice tray:
Cable gland:
1x M20, 1x M25
Front plate:
Holes for 6 fiber optic adapters and 6 RJ45 connectors
Stainless steel, powder coated
Housing color:
RAL 4010 magenta (other color on request)
Housing weight:
860 g
Housing dimensions:
H x W x D 138mm x 72mm x 128mm
Operating temperature:
-40°C to + 75°C
10% to 95% relative, non condensing


Artikelnummer Beschrijving
1060000001 Cable gland M20x1,5 plastic RAL 7035
1060000002 Nut M20x1,5
1060000003 Strain relief M20
1060000022 Splice holder
1060000023 Splice protection, crimp
1060000024 Splice protection, heat shrink
1060000008 Cable tie 100x2,5mm
0600E90013 Dual mount kit
1060000020 Blind cap SC-Duplex
1060000009 Countersunk screw M2.5x6
1060000010 Lens tapping screw for fixing front panel, Philips screw, 2,2x9,5mm
1060000011 Protection hood
1060000012 Mounting angle for protection hood
1060000003 Cable gland with nut M 20 x 1,5 plastic RAL 7035


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