06180221 12221129-00

Glasvezel splitterbox, FIMP-XLE 62MM

Compacte industriële glasvezel splitterbox voor 48 fibers. DIN-rail montage.

De FIMP-XLE glasvezel splitterbox is verkrijgbaar met ST, SC, LC-Quattro of E2000 aansluitingen. De volledige configuratie bevat splice-houders, lascassettes, koppelingen, pigtails en kabelwartels. Andere configuraties kunnen op verzoek worden gemaakt. Uitgerust met 4 splice-houders betekent dat de FIMP-XLE kan worden gebruikt voor maximaal 48 multimode vezels.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
06180221 12221129-00 + FIMP-XLE 24x ST Duplex 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XLE splitterbox met 24x ST-Duplex adapter en 48x 62.5/125µ multimode pigtails.
06180223 12223129-00 + FIMP-XLE 24x SC-Duplex 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XLE splitterbox met 24x SC-Duplex adapter en 48x 62.5/125µ multimode pigtails.
06180224 06224069-00 + FIMP-XLE 12x LC-Quattro 62 MM + Vraag offerte aan
FIMP-XLE splitterbox met 12x LC-Quattro adapter en 48x 62.5/125µ multimode pigtails.


FIMP XL-E splice boxes are ideal for industrial environments due to their compact and robust design. The splice box is available in various configurations, up to full configuration, which can be delivered with splice holders, splice cassettes, couplings, pigtails and cable glands. ST, SC, LC and E2000 are available as coupling variants. The FIMP XL-E can be equipped with up to four splice holders. This makes it possible to connect up to 48 fibers. The sturdy metal housing is made of stainless steel (powder-coated), has two clips for 35 mm DIN rail mounting and measures only 139 x 137 x 134 mm (width x height x depth). FIMP XL-E is available for plastic fibers (POF/HCS), multimode and singlemode.

The systems are built up modular. Customizing is possible by different assemblies, colors of the housing or logos.


Industrial splice box:
DIN-rail housing, up to 48 fibers and 24 or 12 adapters
Adapter type:
ST, SC, LC-Quattro or E2000
Pigtails fiber type:
Multi mode fiber pigtails 62.5µ
Number of pigtails:
48x (no pigtails on request)
Splice cassette:
Splice tray:
Cable gland:
  • 1x M20 (max. cable diameter 15mm)
  • 1x M25 (max. cable diameter 17,8mm)
Front plate:
Holes for 24 adapters
Stainless steel, powder coated
Housing color:
RAL 4010 magenta (other color on request)
Housing weight:
1750 g
Housing dimensions:
W: 139 mm, H: 137 mm, D: 134 mm
Operating temperature:
-20°C to + 80°C (with SC LWL connectors (other temperature ranges on request)
10% to 95% relative, non condensing


Artikelnummer Beschrijving
1060000001 Cable gland M20x1,5 plastic RAL 7035
1060000002 Nut M20x1,5
1060000004 Cable gland M25x1,5 plastic RAL 7035
1060000005 Nut M25x1,5
1060000013 Strain relief M20
1060000022 Splice holder
1060000023 Splice protection, crimp
1060000024 Splice protection, heat shrink
1060000008 Cable tie 100x2,5mm
1060000020 Blind cap SC-Duplex

FIMP splice box

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