Industrial PCs

BESD Benelux offers an impressive range of computer products specially designed for industrial applications. These products include industrial HMI PCs, industrial panel PCs, industrial mini box PCs with Android OS and industrial mini PCs. They play a crucial role in a variety of industries, where reliability, durability and performance are essential.

Industrial HMI PCs: Human-Machine Interface (HMI) PCs act as the bridge between humans and machines in automated systems. BESD's industrial HMI PCs offer advanced touchscreen functionality and powerful performance, allowing operators to interact intuitively with machines and processes. This improves efficiency and productivity in industrial environments.

Industrial Panel PCs: These products combine the power of a computer with a robust and integrated LCD screen. They are often used in situations where space is limited, such as in production lines, automation systems and control rooms. BESD's industrial panel PCs are designed to function reliably under demanding conditions.

Industrial Mini Box PCs with Android OS: For specific applications where Android OS is required, BESD offers compact industrial mini box PCs. These are suitable for tasks such as data collection, monitoring and control. They offer the flexibility of Android in a rugged housing.

Industrial Mini PCs: These compact powerhouses are designed for space-saving and energy-efficient solutions. They can be used in a variety of applications, such as machine control, digital signage and automation. BESD's industrial mini PCs deliver reliable performance in a small footprint.

What all these products have in common is their focus on durability and reliability. In industrial environments, conditions are often demanding, with vibration, shock, dust and temperature variations. BESD's computing products are designed to meet these challenges and ensure the continuity of business-critical processes.

Customers trust BESD Benelux for their industrial computing needs because of its high-quality products and excellent support. These computers play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency and enabling advanced automation projects in various industries.