GPRS data logger / gateway / controller for M-Bus and Modbus devices

The 2G/4G Data Logger/Gateway/Controller product line with GSM/GPRS interface stands as a specialized solution designed for industrial applications, offering a versatile set of features to meet the demands of diverse environments. Tailored for industrial use, these modules come equipped with analog and digital inputs and outputs, as well as RS232/RS485/Ethernet interfaces, catering to a wide array of connectivity needs.

The modules' capabilities extend to supporting various sensor inputs, enabling applications such as reading smart meters, industrial measurements and controls, and data acquisition from meters, controllers, and sensors. Their adaptability makes them well-suited for scenarios where comprehensive data logging, gateway functionality, and control capabilities are essential.

Crucially, these modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with ModBus RTU and TCP, providing a standardized and widely adopted communication protocol for industrial devices. This ensures compatibility with a broad range of devices and systems, facilitating interoperability within industrial networks. Additionally, support for the MQTT protocol enhances the modules' capability to efficiently and securely exchange data in industrial IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystems.

The inclusion of GSM/GPRS interfaces enhances the modules' connectivity by enabling wireless communication, extending their utility in scenarios where wired connections may be impractical or challenging. This capability, combined with the diverse range of inputs and outputs, positions these modules as robust solutions for industrial data logging, gateway functions, and control applications, contributing to streamlined and efficient industrial processes.