Accessories and fiber optic cables

A 19-inch DIN rail carrier is a mounting system that supports DIN rails in standard 19-inch rack enclosures, enabling structured and efficient mounting of industrial equipment in server rooms and control rooms.

Fiber optic patch cords and cables play a vital role in industrial and offshore environments where reliable and fast data transfer is vital. These cables use fiber optic technology, which offers higher data rates, lower latency and greater bandwidth than traditional copper cabling.

In industrial settings and offshore installations, where environmental factors such as electromagnetic interference, vibration and corrosion play a role, fiber optic cables offer a robust solution. They are immune to electromagnetic disturbances and can withstand extreme conditions such as humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Fiber optic patch cords facilitate fast and reliable connectivity between various devices and systems, while fiber optic cables bridge long distances and provide connectivity between different locations within an industrial complex or offshore platform. This ensures seamless data transfer and communication, essential for real-time monitoring, automation and operational efficiency.

These cables are designed with extra protection and durability to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments and offshore applications. They can be fitted with watertight, dust-tight and corrosion-resistant housings, as well as special jackets that are resistant to oil, chemicals and UV radiation.

In an era where data demands speed, accuracy and reliability, fiber optic patch cords and cables meet the demands of modern industries and offshore operations. They provide critical infrastructure for advanced applications and enhance companies' capacity to optimize their processes and manage their operations safely and efficiently.